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Rise, Kill and Eat:

A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation

Here are some questions for the Anti-Hunter who would try to use the Bible to back up their bogus claims.

  • Who killed the first animal according to the Bible?
  • Is there one verse in the Scripture that condemns hunting?
  • Was Jesus really a vegetarian hippie?
  • Would a loving God use hunting illustrations to communicate divine truth to His people?
  • Did God preserve the animals on Noah’s Ark for the purpose of having them eaten by mankind?
  • Did killing predators give David the confidence that he could kill the Philistine’s champion, Goliath?
  • Does “Thou shall not kill” mean that one shouldn’t go quail hunting or catch and eat a bass?

If a person looked to Scripture and paid particular attention to the passages within the Bible that address the topic of hunting, then they’d walk away thinking not only is hunting animals tolerated but it is endorsed by God. And that’s exactly what this little book is about: proving that God, from Genesis to Revelation, is extremely cool with hunters and hunting. I’ll go out on a biblical limb and claim right off the bat that you cannot show me, through the balance of the Bible, that the God of the Scripture is against the responsible killing and the grilling of the animals He created.


Boy's Passage Man's Journey (Box Set)

Destination: Manhood

Few things in life work out the way we want without planning. In its most basic form, a plan is straightforward: Set a goal, then determine what steps are needed to achieve that goal. Why, then, do so many families neglect to plan when it comes to raising their children?

In five engaging video conversations with father and actor, Kirk Cameron, Brian Molitor teaches how to create and implement a family plan, and more importantly, how to consistently live it and maintain it.

Primarily designed for fathers and sons, Boy's Passage-Man's Journey is an eye-opening message of how to deliberately and strategically transform young boys into productive and godly men. In addition to the five DVD conversations with Kirk and Brian, the box set includes a 64-page study guide and a 240-page book.

Embracing the concepts learned in this set is vital to advancing the maturation and masculinity of the next generation of men. Manhood is not simply achieved by reaching a certain age; it is planned, earned, and-above all-affirmed by the older males in every boy's life. Becoming a man does not just happen; it is a process-a boy's passage to a man's journey.


Hire Me

A Practical Guide to Standing Out in the Crowded Job Market

Roger Haggerty has served in executive capacities in large and medium size companies in various industries and services. In all his positions he has had extensive experience in hiring and mentoring employees. For the past 25 years Roger has volunteered his time to help other C-level executives (Chief Financial and Marketing, etc.) in their efforts to land new positions. He has become a student of the process that started with his first encounterusing outplacement. Here are some recommendations on Roger's career coaching skills from his LinkedIn Profile.

"I met Roger to request his assistance and input on a specific project I am working on. He proved to be a most interesting and consummate idea generator. We had a terrific hour-long meeting where he listened to my thoughts and generated four outstanding conceptual suggestions." "I highly recommend Roger's ability to coach an executive in transition. He has been extremely helpful with his ideas and comments. While many coaches simply point out the obvious, Roger comes up with out of the box advice."

"Roger is the ideal executive coach being direct and challenging, but more than willing to extend himself if you meet him halfway. I came away from a forty-five-minute introductory coffee with a game changing to-do list."

"Roger's work as a career coach was the best and most thorough I have received. His help and advice is detailed with specific application, not just generalities. I appreciate his time and detailed preparation. I highly recommend Roger as a Career Coach as he has a sincere desire to help others achieve their goals."


In My Seat

Steve Scheibner went to bed September 10, 2001,with his bags packed and ready to go. He was scheduled to be the pilot on American Airlines Flight 11 the next day. When he woke in the morning, however, a rare last-minute substitution meant someone else would pilot that plane... the first plane that hit the World Trade Center on 9/11.

In My Seat is Steve's true story, as told by his wife, Megan. This new edition includes a study guide-perfect for personal use or small groups-to help you recognize your own story. Steve knows firsthand what it means to have someone else die in his place-not once... but twice. His powerful and moving testimony of God's providence will inspire you to examine your own life in light of eternity: Are you a "Borrowed-Time Believer" or a "Someday Saint"? Can you find hope and peace even in the midst of tragedy?

Paperback, 224 pages (includes 8-page color photo insert)


If I Live To Tell

"I looked at the picture in my passport. I hadn't seen it in two years. There was my almost fifteen-year-old self-beautiful, naive, expectant. I looked at the picture from different angles, then held it up to my face in the mirror. Everything I had been through was summed up there in those two faces. The fresh-faced girl flowering into womanhood-her whole self shimmering on her skin-and the dolled-up skeleton who buried under makeup the bitter fact that her dreams and longings... her identity... had withered under the desert sun like tender herbs. And the only intervening fact was Iraq."

If I Live to Tell follows one woman's struggle to discover purpose and identity in the face of lifelong tragedy, betrayal, and abuse. Set on three continents, this gripping true story provides a rare glimpse into the world and heart of the largely invisible victimized woman.

Bio: Akeela Hayder Green has gone through it all-abused and abandoned by her English mother and Iraqi father, forced into an arranged Muslim marriage, betrayed and broken by all the people who ever promised to love and protect her. Yet she survived it all and lived to tell her story... a story like nothing you've ever heard before.


Knocking On Heaven's Door

When most people think about God, they picture a grumpy old man in the sky handing out impossible rules and smiting people. It’s not often that we have the opportunity to see God as the inventor of humor and a connoisseur of friendship. Knocking on Heaven’s Door explores the relationship between a little boy named Spencer and his best friend—God. This collection of comic strips (with behind-the-scenes notes from writer/comedian Tommy Blaze and artist Nate Fakes), is equally whimsical and profound.

As author Tommy Blaze puts it,

If Knocking on Heaven’s Door is about anything, it’s about our relationship with God and the understanding that He wants to be included in our everyday lives, no matter how seemingly trivial or insipid. . . . How could Spencer truly have a personal relationship with an omnipotent being so clearly superior to him? The answer is in the question. God can do anything He wants, which includes empathizing with a little kid and really getting down on his level.

Hardback, 136 pages.